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About US

About ATS Network Management – Africa’s premier partner to Solarwinds

Your Cyber Security Partner

ATS (PTY) Ltd has been trading in the ICT for over twenty years. ATS Network Management (Pty) Ltd was established in 1996 to provide our clients with cutting edge network auditing solutions. This includes  and performance management services diagnostics  as well as tools to enable the optimization of their enterprise networks. This enabled ATS Network Management to participate in the huge growth of the communications, networking and corporate Internet arenas.

Enterprise networks are delivering today on the promise of client/server computing and web based distributed networks. Because they run entire businesses, these networks are critical to the organisation’s ability to function and be productive. At the same time, the rapid growth of networking and the Internet increases the complexity and cost of designing and managing the computing environment.

As these systems grow in importance and functionality, enterprise networks become increasingly distributed, incorporating users and resources in remote sites. Because such networks are complex, they require more resources from the organizations they serve. The network must be available around the clock and continually perform at prescribed levels.

At the same time  these networks have become vulnerable and targets for hackers, no network can be 100% secure.   Your employees are one of  your greatest security risk. ATS Network Management is committed to tackle this challenge head on through our range of Network ServicesCyber Security and Security training and awareness.