Cyber Security

Cyberthreats are everywhere. External. Internal. When it comes to security and compliance, we’ve got your back.

Prevent Account Takeover

Safeguard the identity of your employees, consumers, and suppliers

Stay one step ahead of attackers attempting an account takeover

Monitor your email domains for exposure

Add one or more of your email domains to a credential exposure watchlist.

Whenever a service is breached or exposes user credentials, there’s a chance your organization’s username and password combination could be among the leaked data. Ordinarily, there’s little chance to monitor leaked data across the various marketplaces, including on the dark web.

Get notified about leaked credentials

Get notified when your credentials are found in a data leak.

Time is of the essence when it comes to reacting to potential threats. With Identity Monitor, you‘ll get notified about your credentials appearing in a data leak as soon as we identify it. This allows you to immediately act upon the information, reset passwords, and possibly inspect recent logins.

Reset passwords before they can be misused

Force a password reset for at-risk accounts before they become a vector of attack to your assets.

When you get notified about your monitored domains appearing in a data leak, you have a chance to prevent attackers using legitimate credentials to enter your systems. Force a password reset for the affected accounts and the leaked credentials will be useless in the hands of the attackers.

For best practice, educate your users about unique passwords and using a password manager. A data breach and credential exposure show the threat is real—it’s not just theoretical.