SolarWinds provides IT automation software for simplified IT operations

Reduce costs and improve reliability with IT operations automation.

There are many opportunities across IT operations teams to improve IT processes. IT automation tools can free up people hours to work on higher-value initiatives and add levels of reliability and security.

  • Network automation;
  • Automated user provisioning;
  • Patch management automation;
  • ITIL service automation;
  • Security automation; and
  • Automated actions to potential cyber threats.

Most hardware and software devices on your network need to be configured accurately, backed up and monitored for configuration changes and performance. For medium to large networks, performing these tasks manually is extremely time-intensive and error-prone.

Administrators spend a lot of time provisioning user access rights when employees join, leave, move departments or gain responsibilities. Key aspects of access rights management can be automated and even offloaded from IT to line-of-business teams, giving you extra bandwidth to solve business-critical problems.

According to a recent study by Cisco, 46% of organisations had an incident caused by an unpatched vulnerability. Automating key patch management processes (compiling, updating and reporting) can help your organisation be more efficient and secure. When you lack IT automation tools, your help desk staff and employees feel it. There are many benefits to automating IT service management processes, including reduced MTTR and improved CSAT.

Security automation enables you to avoid time-intensive manual tasks like scouring log data for threats. SEM offers machine-driven normalisation of logs and files, along with advanced search and data visualisation options. Compare network activity to an integrated threat intelligence database, which offers researched, regularly updated insight into known threats like bad IPs. This immediate, actionable intelligence helps empower you to address security and compliance concerns more quickly.

Use built-in active responses designed to automate a wide range of threat mitigation actions. You can perform multiple response actions at once. For instance, you can integrate rules with the continually updated feed of malicious hosts to block traffic to and from problem sources. You can also immediately enable or disable accounts, shut down devices and even block USB connections.

Take your monitoring and management to the next level with automation in the Orion Platform. “Automation is a key component in an effective and streamlined network management platform and is often ignored.The Orion Platform and SolarWinds SIEM solutions includes a variety of automation capabilities out of the box to help get you started, most notably is ServiceNow automated ticketing,” says Prineel Padayachy, CTO at ATS Network Management.

“This functionality is natively integrated and provides great flexibility in automated ticket management. Other automations include Windows Services Restart, Script or PowerShell Execution, Change VM Resources, etc. If you have Server & Application Monitor (SAM) and are monitoring an application, your trigger actions would most likely include an NPM event log alert as well as an e-mail alert. By simply adding a “restart a service” action, Orion will automatically attempt to restart a failed service. The reset action will then follow to confirm the service is running again.”

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